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    Gorilla Safaris

    Come to the pearl of africa and enjoy the mountain gorillas in moist evergreen rain forests of Bwindi and Chimpanzee in Kibale National parks in Uganda.

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    Exploring Uganda

    Our experts show you key area attractions including park visits, game drives, gorilla tracking and cruises along the Nile River.

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    Bird Watching

    Uganda offers a truly amazing variety of bird species with over 1061 species found allover Uganda's sanctuaries and national parks.

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    Mountain Climbing

    The Rwenzori mountains, referred to as the Legendary Mountains of the Moon, are an incomparable beauty with mist shrouded peaks provide unique backdrop to our magnificent national parks

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    Golfing Tours

    Expect golf tours that serve up world class golf, alluring locations, executive accommodation, memorable sightseeing activities and cultural experiences that will make your trip unforgettable

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    African Elephants

    Elephants are known to be the biggest land mammals and african types taking a lead. Come and we show you the great sacturies of these great mammals in Queen Elizabeth, Murchison Falls and Kidepo national parks

About Green Breaks Safaris

Founded in 2003, Green Breaks is a young and dynamic in-bound operator. The company was created to offer a different kind of service than had been offered by other Ugandan agencies. Our focus is to provide the highest degree of personalized attention and service, while not compromising on quality or value for money.

Market competition had clustered heavily at the very top end and lightly at the bottom end, while offering barely anything in between. Green Breaks stepped in to address this market demand in order to provide the mid-market traveler with a range of options that tap into the untamed nature, rich culture, and year-round beautiful climate that Uganda has to offer to the world.

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The Pearl of Africa

Uganda welcomes visitors from all over the world who, stirred by their imagination, come to explore our enchanting Country with its shimmering lakes and lofty mountains, our mysterious forests, and game parks teeming with birds and increasing concentrations of all kinds of wildlife. Today the traditional attractions of our country have been boosted by up-to-the-minute hotels and comfortable lodges, a wide range of tempting restaurants and all the modern facilities that a tourist now yarns for.

Uganda is ideal for a voyage of discovery into the most enthralling continent in the world. Our country presents a captivating combination of the wonders of nature, traditional customs and modern attractions. But above all attractions is the welcome that comes from the heart of the Ugandan people.

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Client's Testimonials

Like-minded travellers, gourmet food, seeing wild African elephants, gorillas, golden monkeys, leopards, giraffes, whitewater rafting on the Nile, and feeling completely safe whilst doing all of this - these were just some of the magnifi

Denise Nicholls
Sep 24, 2017